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5 Helpful Tips to Plan an Event without Breaking a Sweat! | The Darkins Group

5 Helpful Tips to Plan an Event without Breaking a Sweat!

5 Helpful Tips to Plan an Event without Breaking a Sweat!

i September 11 8 in category: General by Orlana Darkins Drewery


1.       Have a Budget and Work Within It

Make sure that you discipline yourself to set a budget and stick with it during the initial planning stages of your event. This may be difficult if you have champagne taste, but you have a beer budget! Nonetheless, make do with what you have, don’t extend and whatever you do don’t totally rely on ticket sales to bring in revenue. This will definitely make you a total wreck. You also want to leave room for any unexpected expenses.

2.       Always Read the Contract

Don’t be so excited to secure a venue that you fail to read the small print. Also, don’t allow sales people pressure you to sign that day. Review the contract carefully to be sure that the venue can meet your needs. Also, if additional services are needed  you should  communicate your wishes before you sign. Make sure additional services are included in the contract or presented to you in writing.  

3.       Make It Memorable

What will be about your event that will make it memorable?  Will it be the food? The speaker or entertainment?  Whatever or whoever it is secure and showcase the best talent your event? They say the best form of advertising is word of mouth. Make sure your attendees speak highly of your event.

4.       Make Things Easy

Try to avoid long registration lines. Avoid a lot of paperwork.  Make sure you have well placed signage.  You want your attendees to navigate easily through your event.

5.       Always Have a Plan B

It’s always good to have a few Plan Bs in your pocket. When planning try to think of some things that “could” go wrong and have a plan for it. What if the entertainment is late? What if the food is delayed? It’s always good to visualize what you would do if something doesn’t go as planned.


Event planning isn’t for everyone, but for those who desire to create events whether it’s a meeting or a huge concert or conference, using these tips and your own common sense can make the process go smooth and even be enjoyable for you and your guests!